Family Law

Civil procedures, rules and regulations that affect relationships known as a family unit are included in Ohio Family Law. At Stewart Law Office LLC, people work with an experienced attorney who understands all aspects of this area of law practice.

Attorney Craig M. Stewart

Columbus Family Law Attorney Craig M. Stewart frequently is asked by clients for help setting goals and making decisions that will affect their future and that of family members. Craig is experienced in other areas of law practice that also may affect family members, such as Bankruptcy and Debt, Criminal Defense and Estate Planning.

Columbus Family Law Attorney

Attorney Craig M. Stewart handles cases involving all areas of life that affect the family unit and other close relationships. He offers affordable fees and payment plans, and he is a compassionate professional. Craig understands the emotional toil that family disputes can cause, and he works diligently to protect minor children. He works closely with each client to develop individualized legal strategies that meet their objectives.

Family Law Legal Services

Legal services offered at the Stewart Law Office LLC include the following areas of concern:

  • Marriage & Pre-Marital Agreements – Many people benefit from pre-marital agreements and other moves that protect those in a marital or partnership relationship.
  • Divorce & Dissolution – When problems are so great the relationship fails, it is important to negotiate a fair divorce or dissolution of the relationship. When litigation is involved, Attorney Stewart provides the strong legal representation needed to protect his clients’ interests.
  • Child Custody & Support – Care of minor children is often an area of contention between parents and other family members. It is important to get the best possible outcome for the minor children and parents.
  • Spousal Support – Divorce or separation may require spousal support payments. When assets are concealed, there is no fairness; we investigate all areas of finances to help set fair support.
  • Property Distribution – Couples that part ways often have considerable assets and property to divide. Anger and pain may become a problem in this area, but fairness is always the goal we seek.
  • Modifications – Agreements may require modifications at a later time, because there may be changes in income, location, custody and other areas of prior agreements.

If you have relationship concerns that you want to discuss with an experienced attorney, contact the Stewart Law Office LLC, in Columbus, OH. Call Columbus Family Law Attorney Craig M. Stewart now, at 614-951-9102.