When financial troubles cause problems in your life, it is time to consider the benefits of working with a trusted Columbus Bankruptcy Attorney. At the Stewart Law Office LLC, people get the honest advice, counsel and representation they need to deal with pressing financial woes. In some cases, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection is the best course of action to take right away. In other cases, settlement negotiations or mediation with creditors can resolve problems of concern.

Attorney Craig M. Stewart

A native of central Ohio and 2010 graduate of the Capital University Law School, Craig M. Stewart uses his knowledge of financial matters frequently as he works diligently to help people who face stressful debt issues. He understands how these problems can affect personal and family lives, as well as business operations.

Columbus Bankruptcy Attorney

In his work as a Columbus Bankruptcy Attorney, Craig M. Stewart has helped hundreds of people work through very difficult times when their financial situation looked very grim. Licensed to practice law in Ohio for 6 years, one of the main areas of legal services he provides at the Stewart Law Office LLC includes helping people determine the best course of legal action to take to resolve complex financial matters.

Bankruptcy – Legal Services

Filing Bankruptcy can stop harassment by creditors, garnishment or foreclosure actions, utility shutoffs and more. At Stewart Law LLC, our goal is to help you achieve your goals to overcome financial obstacles and associated legal issues through the Ohio legal system. Our services are affordable and tailored to meet your individual needs and objectives.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – A plan for low-income debtors; liquidation to eliminate general unsecured debt like credit cards and medical bills. Some property may be sold by a trustee to repay debt. Available to individuals and business entities; a short term plan.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – A reorganization plan for debtors with sufficient income. You may keep property and establish repayment plans over time. Useful for catching up on nondischargeable debts like child support arrears or alimony. Available to individuals; allows repayment over several years.
  • Mediation Services – In many cases, negotiation with creditors can resolve financial issues without taking more drastic legal moves. We provide skilled representation on your behalf to create agreeable methods to resolve debts that also satisfies your creditors and provides relief from your financial dilemma.

If you are concerned about financial issues and legal solutions, contact the Stewart Law Office LLC, in Columbus, OH. Call Columbus Bankruptcy Attorney Craig M. Stewart now, at 614-951-9102.